Direct Debits 2017/18 FAQs

Direct Debits 2017/18 FAQs

What is a ‘rent free week’?

Throughout the year, Trivallis offers 4 rent free (non-chargeable) weeks to customers who are not in arrears. This was agreed by customers and further information is available in your tenancy agreement.

What happens to my direct debit over the rent free weeks? Is it automated? What happens if I am in arrears?

In previous years all weekly Direct Debits have been stopped during the 3 ‘non-chargeable’ weeks at Christmas. This year we decided to continue to take Direct Debits for some tenants who are in arrears. Where Direct Debits continue during those 3 weeks, tenants will not receive a letter (as nothing changes) – although those who will continue to pay full rent & arrears have already been notified by their RAM.

Can I still pay if I want to?

Yes, if the Direct Debit is stopped for those 3 weeks you can pay using other payment methods.

Why don’t I get free weeks if I pay monthly?

No tenants are charged rent during that period. Tenants who pay calendar monthly (i.e. the same date of each month) have their monthly rent calculated based on being charged rent over 48 weeks of the year – so for them the normal monthly rent amount is still due in December.

Do I pay on these weeks if I am in arrears?

Yes, we would expect tenants who are in arrears to continue to pay the amount that they’ve agreed to pay towards their arrears during this period.

Do I still pay bedroom tax?

Tenants don’t have to pay the 14/25% shortfall during the 3 weeks; but they are expected to make payments that they have agreed towards arrears.

Will my direct debit automatically stop?

If you pay weekly by Direct Debit and your account isn’t in arrears then your Direct Debits won’t be taken during the 3 weeks – you will receive a letter advising of this and when your Direct Debit will resume.

When are this year’s rent free weeks (‘non-chargeable’ weeks)?

This years ‘non chargeable’ weeks are due on the following dates. Please note that if you have an agreed repayment plan for arrears or a court order then you must continue to pay the agreed amount off of your arrears over these weeks.

Trivallis rent free weeks 2018/19

Weeks commencing:

Monday 17th December 2018



Monday 24th December 2018



Monday 31st December 2018



Monday 25th March 2019