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Can you dig it? Planting a Jade tree

24 January 2019

#ValleysMag | Can You Dig It? |

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Stuck for space?

If you want some greenery in your home but don’t have a garden, why not get a Jade plant? Looking after a Jade plant is simple; they’re a symbol of good luck too. You can pick one up for around £9 and, if you follow our top tips for caring for your plant, it could last for many years:

  • Give the plant sunlight, a windowsill is the perfect spot
  • Water well, then wait for the soil to dry out before doing it again. In winter, give enough water to keep the soil just barely moist
  • Feed your plant, nothing fancy here just an all-purpose general houseplant feed is all you need to be using

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Roger Crookes from Ysgol Ty Coch chows us how to plant a Jade Tree