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Millie gets gold

7 March 2019

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Millie Campbell is 28 and lives in Trealaw with her foster parents.

From the age of 8, Millie’s foster mother Linda has supported her with her busy schedule and social life.

Linda said: “Having learning difficulties has never stopped Millie from trying new things. For the last 20 years, I’ve supported her through all of her interests, including volunteering, swimming and keeping fit.

“Her love of swimming saw her join the Polar Bears swimming club at Rhondda Sports Centre, but it was the bowls team that practiced there that really caught her attention. She approached the team and had a go and has gone from strength to strength ever since.”

Millie has now been playing bowls for around two and a half years and, in that time, she’s grown her skills and become a part of Cardiff Chameleons, an organisation that provides sporting facilities and coaching for people with physical or learning disabilities.

Millie said: “I get bored really easily so I like to get out and about when I can. When I saw the bowls team training I just asked them could I have a go and really enjoyed it. Being part of the team has really built my confidence up because I usually try and keep myself to myself.”

Millie has recently represented Wales in the Special Olympics in Scotland and the National games. She picked up three medals, a gold for singles, a gold for triples and a bronze for pairs.

Barrie Jenkins is Millie’s head coach, he said: “Millie is a fantastic player, she totally dominated her singles matches in the Special Olympics and we’re really looking forward to see how she performs in the next competition in Scotland this June.”

When she’s not bowling, Millie volunteers for Trivallis’ Estates and Communities team. Her role involves sorting out stock when it arrives at our warehouse and keeping the working environment clean and tidy. She wants to build her confidence and skills up and eventually have a go at painting some of Trivallis’ homes.

As a thank you for all Millie’s hard work, Trivallis has agreed to sponsor her for her next bowls competition in Falkirk, Scotland this June.