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Ted’s field officially opens in Penywaun

22 July 2019

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Nestled at the top of the Penywaun Estate is a patch of land that has been lovingly turned into a woodland space for the community thanks to the vision of one man, Anthony Edwards or Ted as he likes to be called.

‘Ted’s field’ was officially opened in May after years of hard work to clear the space and bring it to its former glory.

Ted said: “There are around 5 acres of land, which were overgrown and full of rubbish. Fly tipping and the use of motorbikes were real issues in the area. It made me think that people didn’t feel proud of where they lived and I wanted to change that.

“There wasn’t a quick fix and it has taken lots of volunteers and help from different organisations to get to where we are today.”

Over the three years that Ted has been leading on this transformation, around 8 tonnes of rubbish and overgrowth have been cleared from the area by organisations including Trivallis, Keep Wales Tidy and the local council and people living in the area.

Benches and tables in the space have been built from trees that were cut down in Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd.

Now the space is to be used by the community with spaces to grow, pick and eat vegetables and fruit, see local wildlife using the bird boxes and just enjoy being amongst nature.

Children from the local primary school’s Thrive class have been using the space as a way of getting fresh air and learning in a different environment.

Miss Sharon Jones, a support assistant at the school, said: “The young people in this class sometimes find being in a classroom difficult. Since coming up to Ted’s field they’ve got much more freedom and I’ve seen such a difference in them.

“The other day we sat and had a picnic and the children were talking, laughing and sharing together. They are able to be much more active in this space, which is great for their wellbeing.”

Samuel is 10 years old and part of the Thrive class. He said: “I’d never climbed a tree before coming to Ted’s field. I like being outside and looking at the nature around me.”

Now Ted is calling on people from the local community to help with future plans for this space; including regular litter picks to keep it clean and safe, adding a BBQ area and help with growing more fruit and vegetables.

“I’m really pleased with what we have done so far. People call it Ted’s field but I want to keep making this somewhere that everyone can enjoy and be proud to call a part of Penywaun.” Ted explained.

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