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Doing our 'FairShare' to prevent food waste

6 January 2020

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Over the last twelve months, Trivallis has saved 8 tonnes of surplus food from going to waste.

Working with FairShare Cymru, a Cardiff based organisation that looks to tackle food poverty and food waste, Trivallis has put surplus food to good use.

Debra Bayliss, estates and communities manager at Trivallis, said: “We recieve surplus food from FairShare Cymru weekly. This is made into parcels and given to our fantastic volunteers.

“It’s donated from supermarkets and all really good quality food, from vegetables to pastas etc. It’s great to be able to give back to our volunteers whilst also doing good for the environment, too.”

Kate Padfeild, assistant project manager at FairShare Cymru, said: “FareShare Cymru works to fight food poverty by tackling food waste. We take surplus edible food from the food and drink industry (food that would otherwise be wasted) and redistribute it to organisations in Wales that feed people in need, turning an environmental problem into a social solution.. Thank you for making sure surplus food is used for good. It is great to work with you as part of the FareShare Cymru community!

“In the last year, Trivallis has saved around £20,000 worth of food going to waste.

For more information on FairShare Cymru, visit: