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Future Makers

20 February 2020

#ValleysMag | Customer Involvement |

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You are the future makers… Get involved

Things are changing at Trivallis, we have a new vision, new priorities and are changing the way we do things.

To do this we need you – our customers.

We need you to help us respond to some of the big challenges we face such as looking at ways to increase prosperity and reduce our carbon footprint, and we need you to do so in a way that puts the customer first.

We already have a strong and dedicated group of customers who are making a difference to both Trivallis and their communities.

Emma Nicholas is the Vice Chair of our Community Involvement Network and she has been involved in some of the biggest decisions here at Trivallis,

“I was involved in recruiting Trivallis’ Chief Executive Officer, Ian Thomas. Being able to have my say on who I thought would be the best person to represent Trivallis and its customers meant a lot to me. I feel valued and respected.”

Internally too, our staff really value the contribution made by customers. Cath Davies from our Governance team recently worked closely with one of our involved customers while renewing our vehicle contract and said,

“Having a customer involved in renewing our lease for a new fleet of vehicles has been key in helping us make the right decisions for customers. It gives us a perspective that we can’t see for ourselves and it makes sure we are spending money wisely.”

There are a number of ways to get involved that will work around you and your commitments, and to help you benefit from the role we will support you with training and development opportunities. The options are really flexible, and it means even if you only have a few hours to spare you can still play your part.

We have opportunities right now for you to join both the Community Involvement Network and Scrutiny Panel. It’s a great opportunity to shape the future of Trivallis and your communities.

To find out more and how to register your interest, contact our Customer Involvement Team.