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Advice for those providing help

15 April 2020

Your health and safety |

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COVID-19 has brought communities together, supporting each other and taking care of the vulnerable. People are offering help to those who may be self-isolating or shielding from the virus to make sure they don’t go without. Sadly, there are people that are willing to take advantage of this.

If you are someone who is offering their time to help those in need, here are some helpful tips for you to consider, when you are supporting those in your community:

  • Agree on what you are picking up with the person you are helping, get them to write a shopping list if possible or agree on the money that you will spend.
  • Do not take the persons payment card under any circumstance and only accept the money for the items once you have returned with the receipt and their shopping.
  • Avoid contact as much as possible, remembering the two-metre rule, when dropping off shopping or medication. Try to leave it on a doorstep or safe place and step away so the person can collect it. This is for your own protection and the safety of the person you are helping, remember to stay safe.
  • The person you are helping may ask for ID to confirm who you are, be patient with them when they do this and expect it as it has been advised.
  • Be careful with any personal information you may receive from the person you are helping; this must remain confidential.
  • If you are worried about a person you are supporting, you may need to share their details if you believe they are in danger or may cause danger. You should contact your local council (RCT Council and Cardiff Council) and speak with their adult or child services department who will provide you with advice.
  • Remember to remind those that you are providing support to, to remain vigilant and be aware of those that may be out to commit a scam.
  • Always remember to protect yourself, when helping others and keep your safety a priority.

If you need support with your finances or rent during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can find more information on how Trivallis can support you by visiting our dedicated support page, here.