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Anti-social behaviour and staying at home

22 April 2020

Important update | Your health and safety |

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Government guidance is encouraging us all to stay at home where possible, to save lives and protect the NHS. With people spending more time at home, we have seen an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour, particularly around noise nuisance. Please be mindful of others around you and keep noise to a level where it will not disturb your neighbours or the local community.

Your neighbours are in the same position as you, being asked to remain in their homes, and as a result there will be in an increase in general living noise from them. Living noise is any noise that is caused from day-to-day living and isn’t classed as anti-social behaviour; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Doors and windows being closed
  • Children playing
  • Toilets flushing
  • People walking around their home
  • Electronic noise such as music being played or a television – if it is not at a level where it is causing you a disturbance
  • Dogs barking – unless it is continual

If you feel the noise from your neighbour is excessive then please contact us to log a complaint. Once you have made the report you will be contacted by a member of our Community Safety Team who will discuss the next steps to resolve the issue, before the case is passed to your Neighbourhood Manager to be investigated.

We are currently unable to carry out home visits due to the Government guidance, however, if you log a complaint about noise nuisance you will be given access to the Noise App, allowing you to capture evidence of the nuisance so we can remotely monitor and investigate the issues. More information on the Noise App can be found here:

Our Neighbourhood Managers and Community Safety Officers will do all they can to assist you with tenancy related issues you may be facing and continue to work alongside partner agencies such as South Wales Police.

In a time of uncertainty and disruption to our day to day life, it is more important than ever that our communities pull together to help and support one another through this difficult time. Please be tolerant and kind to one another.