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Hometown Heroes

12 May 2020

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Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has brought change and sadness for people in our communities and across the globe, it has also shone a light on many people who are going above and beyond to make RCT a great place to live and work.

We want to collect the stories of these ‘Hometown Heroes’ and share them far and wide, keeping our communities connected whilst we continue to stay at home.

We need your help!

Kid hero in the window

A Hometown Hero could be someone helping a vulnerable neighbour by plating up an extra dinner on a Sunday, going above and beyond offering to pick up prescriptions for people in their communities or someone who is simply sticking to the rules and staying safe at home. If you know a local hero in your community, then let us know!

Each week, we will select a Hometown Hero from a community in RCT to share their story. They should either be a Trivallis tenant or supporting Trivallis tenants through this crisis. You can share the story of your Hometown Hero by  filling in our nomination form here.

We’ll use our social media channels and website to highlight individuals that are helping within the different communities across RCT. Giving them the attention they deserve and helping you to say a big thank you!

We cannot guarantee that all stories sent to us will be showcased on social media, but we will do our best to share as many as possible as we continue to work hard to support tenants through these extraordinary times.

Hero ringing a doorbell

If you need to contact Trivallis for anything other than this campaign, please do so using our web form.

For information on how our services have changed due to the restrictions in place around COVID-19, visit our Coronavirus Information Page.