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Summer Activities

11 August 2020

A bit of fun |

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Summer is here and, although things are very different right now, there’s still plenty of fun to be had for all the family.

One of our partner organisations, Marsh, has put together a Summer Activity Pack with access to lots of adventures from virtual holidays to advice on managing the holidays, children and your workloads.

We particularly like the mantra shared by Mark Lehman who is Marsh’s UKI Head of Learning, Talent and Inclusion:

Stay focused on what’s important to you.
Umbrella at the ready – just in case!
Make time to get outside and stock up on Vitamin D.
Meet up with friends and family (whilst sticking to social distancing guidelines).
Eat the colours of the rainbow to get your five a day.
Recharge your batteries doing the activities you love the most.

Download the pack now