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How to make Spooky Skittles

21 October 2020

Halloween |

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Find out below how to make our ‘Spooky Skittles’ craft game, great fun for all the family on Halloween. 

What you will need: 
  • Toilet rolls (the cardboard part) 
  • A pair of scissors  
  • Paint  
  • Paintbrush 
  • Glue 
  • Felt pens 
  • Pipe cleaners  
  • Card or paper 
  • Toilet roll paper 
  • Wool or string 
  • Googly eyes 
  • A small ball 

If there are items you are unable to get, there are alternative suggestions in the method below. 

How to:

Step 1  Plan out what Halloween characters you would like to make and make sure you have what you need to make these. Be creative or select your ideas from the ones we have made in the list below. 

Step 2 – Paint the toilet rolls in the colour you require and leave to dry. If you don’t have paint, you can always colour in some paper, use coloured card or cut up coloured pieces from old magazines and wrap that around 

Step 3 – Once the toilet rolls are dry, you are now ready to turn them into your spooky characters. Draw on their face, adding googly eyes if you have them for added effect. Then add on any pipe cleaners, cutting them to size or create additional pieces out of card and stick them on to bring your Halloween character to life 

Step 4 – Leave your characters to dry for a few hours or overnight, then once they are ready you can begin your game. Line up the Spooky Skittles and take it in turns to roll the ball into them, seeing who can knock the most over. You can use the characters as decorations once you’re finished playing with them.

See below for the method to make each individual character…

Once you have created your Spooky Skittles craft game, take some photos and tag us on Facebook or Twitter @WeAreTrivallis, make sure to use #TrivallisHalloween in your posts too.  

Witch halloween craftWitch: Paint a green face and a black dress onto the toilet roll, draw on her face (add googly eyes if you want), create a hat out of card or paper by making a small cone and adding a circle of paper to the bottom, glue it onto the top of the toilet roll and if you have any wool or paper, create hair to stick under the hat. 

Cat Halloween craftCat: Paint the whole toilet roll blackbend the two sides of the top inwards to create two ears, draw on a cat’s face with whiskers (add googly eyes if you want), add a pipe cleaner or paper for a tail. 


Pumpkin: Paint the whole toilet roll orangedraw on a pumpkin face and create a stem out of paper or a pipe cleaner and attach it to the top. 


Bat Halloween CraftBat: Paint the whole toilet roll black, bend the two sides of the top inwards to create two ears, draw on a face with fangs, cut out two wings from the card or paper and glue on. 


Ghost halloween craftGhost: Paint the whole toilet roll white and draw on a ghost face (add googly eyes if you want). 



Frankenstein Halloween CraftFrankenstein: Paint most of the toilet roll green with black hair on top, draw on a face, scars and create two bolts to add to the bottom on each side, out of paper or pipe cleaners. 



Mummy Halloween CraftMummy: Paint the whole toilet roll white, cover in glue and cover in string or wool otherwise cut out pieces of paper/toilet roll paper into strips, glue the strips all over the toilet roll and draw on two eyes or use googly eyes.  

Vampire Halloween CraftVampire: Paint a white face, a black outfit and hair onto the toilet roll, draw on a face (add googly eyes if you want), hair, fangs and any detail onto his outfit, cut out a triangle shape of card/paper and attach it to the back to create a collar.  

Monster Halloween CraftMonster: Paint the whole toilet roll any colour you want, draw on a funny face (add googly eyes if you want), add arms from paper or pipe cleaners and add anything else to your monster to make him scary, like pieces of wool or scrunched up pieces of paper.

Spider Halloween CraftSpider: Paint the whole toilet roll black, add on several eyes (add googly eyes if you want)make 8 legs from pipe cleaners or paper and glue them on.