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How to spend your Halloween

26 October 2020

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Although COVID-19 is still present, there are many Halloween events going ahead this year. If you don’t feel comfortable and would prefer to spend your Halloween at home, we have some fun, creative ways that you and the little ones can celebrate Halloween from the comfort of your own haunted house this year:

Decorate your home – Gather some scary decorations, whether they are bought or homemade and turn your home into a haunted house to get into the spirit of Halloween. Don’t forget to share a photo of your decorated home with us on social media by tagging @WeAreTrivallis in your post and using #TrivallisHalloween. 

Scavenger Trick or Treat  Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween but if you’re not heading out, bring the fun inside. Get dressed up in your fancy dress costumes, hide sweets, chocolates or prizes around your home and host your own trick or treat scavenger hunt. 

Virtual Halloween party  Gather all your friends and family together on a video call and host your own Halloween party, virtually. Get your fancy dress on, host a spooky quiz, tell each other ghost storieshold a scary dance competition, play Halloween games and so much more. Just because you can’t be together in person, doesn’t mean you can’t miss out on the fun together. 

Spooky recipes  Make some spooky dishes to feed the family and get the little ones involved with Halloween themed food. We have three different recipes for you to try: Witches FingersFreaky Fruit Monsters and Petrified Peppers.  

Carve a pumpkin  Pumpkin carving is something everyone can join in with on Halloween. We’ve shared our tips and templates to help you carve the best pumpkin, that you can find hereBe sure to take a photo of your pumpkin and share it with us on social media by tagging @WeAreTrivallis in your post and using #TrivallisHalloween. 

Halloween crafts  Spend your Halloween getting creative with the family by taking part in some Halloween crafts. There is a huge selection of Halloween crafts online, like these Halloween colouring sheets or our Spooky Skittles’ craft gameFor a list of what you’ll need and to find out how to make the game, visit here. We also have our easy  Ghastly Ghosts craft that all the family can get involved with to help decorate your home, find out more here.

Go on a ghost walk – Find out if there are any haunted spots in your local area and see if there are ghost walks taking place on Halloween that you can sign up toMake sure you respect safety measures to keep safe if you are taking part. 

Watch a scary film – Whether you want a spooky film for all the family or a horror film for the adults, watching a scary film this Halloween is the perfect way to spend your evening. Grab some popcorn, put a film on the TV and get comfy, ready to have a Halloween movie night. 

Spot the pumpkin  Take the family out for some fresh air on a Halloween walk and play a game of ‘spot the pumpkin’. Walk around your area and see who can spot the most pumpkins, placed in the windows of homes or in gardens. 

Ghastly games night  Whether you like board games or prefer online gaming, we’ve listed some of our suggestions below:  

  • Board game  Select a board game to play that is related to Halloween or if not, any board game can be used. Get everyone in your home, dressed up in Halloween fancy dress and play a ghastly game or two. 
  • Online game – for those of you who are older, you could take part in your own murder mystery game, online with friends and family via video call. This may take a bit of planning but it’s a great way to spend your Halloween.  
  • What’s in the box? – take a box (preferably one that you are unable to see into)place a random item inside, blindfold a person and they must guess what’s in the box just by using their hands and feeling. Take it in turns to play this game, changing the items in the box each time and be creative with what you select. 
  • Create a mummy – work in pairs for this game, take a roll of toilet roll and wrap it around a person, the quickest person to use all of their toilet roll and make someone into a mummy, wins. This is a great game to play over video call with other households, if you’re hosting a virtual Halloween party. 
  • Pin the face on the pumpkin – takour pumpkin face template and cut it out into individual sections, separating the eyes, nose and mouth. Place a pumpkin in an area that is accessible and secure, take it in turns to blind fold a person and have them place the parts of the face onto the pumpkin and see if they are placed in the correct place, making a face. 
  • Dangling donuts – this is a different take on the classic Halloween game, bobbing for apples. Take ring donuts and tie strings around them, find an area in your home to dangle these from, like a doorway and take it in turns to try to grab a donut by only using your mouth.  

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, whilst you are having fun, make sure you remain safe and respect your neighbours

We would love to know what you decide to do to celebrate, let us know over on Facebook and Twitter by tagging in @WeAreTrivallis and using #TrivallisHalloween

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Happy Halloween!