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Innovative Partnership to Tackle Environmental Issues Across RCT

6 November 2020

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Trivallis is to launch an innovative new partnership with RCTCBC, to change its approach to environmental enforcement on estates.

Stuart Pattison, senior lead managing and sustaining tenancies, at Trivallis said: “There have been long standing issues on many of our estates where household waste and bulky items have been irresponsibly dumped and contaminated recycling has been put out that is not fit for collection. This can make our estates look untidy and has a negative impact on the quality of life of our residents. It also poses a health and safety risk and unfortunately attracts vermin.

“Residents have said they would like us to do more to educate those responsible and ensure people are held to account for their actions and we are listening.”

From Monday 9 November, an RCTCBC environmental enforcement officer will be working exclusively on several Trivallis estates to engage with residents; giving out information and advice on responsible waste management, recycling and how to prevent environmental nuisance.

Initially a 12-month agreement, the partnership will focus on working together to change behaviour of those who are not disposing of waste properly across all of Trivallis’ estates, with a particular focus on those with a high number of environmental complaints. The environmental enforcement officer will have the power to issue formal warnings and fixed penalty notices to anyone who continually causes estate issues by not managing waste responsibly.

Mr Pattison added: “This is an exciting new collaboration between Trivallis and RCTCBC. At Trivallis, our vision is prosperous people and places, and we are confident this work will have a positive impact on our residents’ quality of life, making our estates great places to live and work.”

Stacey Tipler, neighbourhoods manager at Trivallis, said: “I cover the Cae Fardre estate in Church Village, which has been identified as a priority area for this partnership work. As well as being unsightly and a hazard to health and safety, the high levels of fly tipping in the area comes at a huge cost for us as a business. We spend a lot of time and money clearing up after rubbish is dumped, which is why this more proactive approach, to prevent the littering and fly tipping happening in the first place, is the right one.

“I welcome the partnership with RCTCBC and look forward to working with the environmental enforcement officer to improve our estates across RCT.”

If you and want information on how to properly dispose of household waste, visit our dedicated information page, HERE.