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Safety Tips for Summer

21 July 2021

#TrivallisTimeForSummer | Your health and safety |

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As part of our Time for Summer campaign, we want to make sure you are staying safe as well as enjoying yourselves.

The Summer brings with it fun days out, sunshine and a chance to relax but with it comes safety issues. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or planning a staycation, we have a range of tips to help you stay safe this summer:

 Fire safety

  • BBQ’s – If you’re having a get together in your garden or enjoying a BBQ whilst you’re away, it’s important to never leave a BBQ unattended, make sure its secure and out of the way of any people or buildings and keep water or sand nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Fire pits – Before lighting your firepit ensure it is secure and away from anything flammable. Avoid using any chemicals and burning plastic or rubber. Never leave it unattended, keep children away and ensure it is fully extinguished before leaving it unattended.
  • Wildfires – Mountains and grass become very dry in summer, if you deliberately or accidentally start a fire it will spread very quickly and can destroy everything in its path. Please be cautious and sensible as a deliberate fire impacts resources and could result in a criminal record. Anyone with information on suspected deliberate fires or who sees anything suspicious, call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 to report. If you see a fire, or anyone starting a fire, please call 999 immediately.

More fire safety information can be found at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service website, here.

Staying safe in the sun

  • Protect yourself – If you’re heading out in the sun, protect yourself from the rays by taking cover in the shade where possible, apply and re-apply sun cream with a high SPF, and avoid over heating by wearing loose, light coloured clothing with a hat and sunglasses.
  • Keep hydrated – Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and extra if you’re taking part in any physical activities.
  • Take care of pets – Give your pets plenty of water and shade, never leave them in a hot car and go for walks when its cooler as the ground may be too hot.

More advice on staying safe in the sun can be found on the NHS website, here.

Be careful around water

  • Paddling pools – If you’re filling up a paddling pool for the garden for the little ones to enjoy, ensure they are always supervised to prevent drowning. Once emptied, tip the pool upside down to prevent it from collecting water.
  • Stay alert – Visit a beach that has lifeguards, listen to the signs and flags, avoid using inflatables in the water and keep an eye on all your family, especially little ones.
  • Know the dangers – if you’re jumping into water, know the depth can change, be aware of the dangers under the water and keep away from uneven surfaces. This video from Welsh Water explains why reservoirs can be deadly places.

In an emergency, call 999 for the coastguard or other emergency services.

More water safety advice can be found on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) website, here or on the Royal Life Saving Society UK website, here.

Protect your home

  • Fire safety – If you’re heading away on a staycation, ensure you switch off and unplug all electrical appliances, shut internal doors, and ensure your fire alarms are working.
  • Security – If you’re leaving your house unattended for a day or a few days, ensure all windows and doors are locked, valuables are out of sight and if possible, get someone you trust to keep a check on your home whilst you’re away.
  • Social media – It’s very easy to post what you’re up to on your social media accounts to share with friends and family but, don’t forget, you never know who is watching. Posting on social media will let people know that you’re not home and criminals may take advantage. Enjoy your break and share your posts when you return home.

More advice on keeping your home safe whilst you’re away can be found on the South Wales Police website, here.

For more advice and fun activities for all the family, check out what else we have on offer as part of our Time for Summer campaign, here.