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Let's Get Crafty: Summer Wind Spinner

28 July 2021

#TrivallisTimeForSummer | A bit of fun |

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Don’t put your plastic bottles in the recycling, keep them to make your very own colourful wind spinners to hang up in your garden or inside by a window. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Plastic bottle 
  • Scissors  
  • Permanent coloured pens 
  • String 

How to make: 

  • Take your plastic bottle, remove the label, and make sure the bottle is clean and dry. If possible, use a thin plastic bottle for ease when cutting. 
  • Colour in the outside of the bottle using the different coloured pens. You can create whatever pattern or design you would like to decorate. As the pens are permanent, take care when using and use in a well ventilated room if possible. Don’t forget to wait for the ink to dry to avoid the ink staining anything. 
  • Using your scissors, make a small hole just below the bottle neck and begin cutting the bottle in a spiral shape, making your way down to the bottom. You may want to cut the bottle more, depending on the shape it takes once cut. Be careful with this step as the scissors and edges can be sharp. 
  • Remove the bottle lid and tie a piece of string around the top of the bottle to allow you to hang it up.  
  • Find a place to hang your wind spinner, ideally outside or near a window where it is in the light and near a breeze.  

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