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Managing your Post-Lockdown Feelings

10 August 2021

#TrivallisTimeForSummer | Health and Wellbeing |

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As restrictions continue to be lifted, it can still feel a little bit daunting to venture outside. If you’re experiencing mixed emotions about leaving your home after spending so much time inside, you are not alone.

As part of our Time for Summer campaign, we spoke with our involved tenants to find out what support they felt they needed as we move into the Summer. Lots of them said they were struggling to feel confident to leave their homes and needed help with managing their feelings around restrictions lifting.

We have gathered some helpful resources to help ease those anxious feelings and support you with managing your post-lockdown feelings:

  • NHS – Every Mind Matters: Helpful tips on how to cope with anxiety as lockdown restrictions are lifted with suggestions on how to support your mental health as you adapt to the changes.
  • Mental Health Foundation: Tips on looking after your mental health as restrictions are lifted, including support with fear and anxiety, grief, your social life and more.
  • Mind: Talks about feelings you may have about lockdown easing, provides tips on how to manage these feelings and offers information on where you can get more support.
  • Bupa: Supportive tips on the different ways to manage any post-lockdown anxiety that you may be experiencing.
  • British Heart Foundation: Information and support around questions you may have about staying safe and managing anxiety as lockdown restrictions come to an end.

If you or someone you know is struggling, we want you to know you are not alone and there is help and support out there to access. Reach out to someone you trust, a doctor or mental health charity to discuss how you are feeling.

If you need support from Trivallis, please contact us.

For more support and ideas on how to spend your Summer, find out what else we have on offer, here.