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Stay Spooky and Safe

26 October 2021

Halloween |

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However you decide to spend Halloween this year, whether you’re heading out trick or treating, going to a spooky event, or staying at home for a frightening, family night in, we have some safety tips to help you keep safe.

  • If you and your family are dressing up in fancy dress, make sure to check the labels on costumes to check that they are fire resistant as some costumes can be highly flammable.
  • Be mindful of wearing a scary mask, as it may limit your vision that could cause an accident, try using make up or face paint if possible but check it is safe before using as it may cause a skin reaction.
  • If you’re heading out trick or treating with the little ones, be aware of any sweet treats that they may receive. Check for opened or tampered with packaging and dispose of any goodies without a wrapper before eating.
  • Be respectful of your neighbours as not everyone enjoys celebrating Halloween. Remember that some people may not want visitors so try to only visit houses that are decorated for Halloween and keep your distance where possible.
  • If your children are going trick or treating, tag along to ensure they have adult supervision and head out in a group, if possible, to stay safe. If going out when it’s still light isn’t an option, take a torch, wear reflective clothing, or remain under street lighting so you can be seen.
  • When you’re carving your pumpkins, opt for battery operated lights over candles to light them, to reduce the fire risk. If you are using candles, don’t leave them unattended and extinguish before leaving the room.
  • If you’re concerned about staying safe in your home this Halloween, remember that you can display a sign asking for no trick or treaters (South Wales Police has a poster you can download), check who is at your door before answering or ignore if you’re not comfortable. You could always invite someone over so you’re not alone if that will make you feel safer.

We hope you enjoy celebrating Halloween and have a spooktacular night but remember to be respectful of others and take precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.