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State Pension Delays

16 November 2021

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According to reports and feedback that we are receiving from tenants, some first time claimants of State Pensions are experiencing delays in receiving their first payment with some delays lasting several months.

The DWP has said that the problem is down to the impacts of the pandemic and staff shortages, causing a backlog in processing claims.

Due to these delays, some pensioners have been left in financial hardship, especially those without other pensions, savings, or financial schemes to fall back on.

We are urging you to make your claim as soon as possible and not to delay, we don’t want you to be left in financial hardship.

You can claim your State Pension by:

Please be aware that you will not receive your State Pension automatically, you must claim it.

Get in touch with our Money Advice Team if you need financial support, here:

This piece is from the Winter 2021 issue of our Trivallis Valleys Magazine. To read the full issue, visit our Valleys Magazine page.