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Let's Get Crafty: Christmas Snow Globe

25 November 2021

#ValleysMag | A bit of fun |

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This Christmas, keep your empty jars and upcycle them into Christmas gifts or decorations. Create your own Christmas snow globe, a craft that will keep all the family busy on a cold, winter evening and add some festive fun into your home.

What you’ll need:
  • Empty jar and lid
  • A small, waterproof figure/object or craft materials
  • Strong glue
  • Glitter or sequins
  • Water
  • Ribbon
How to make:
  • Before you begin, take your jar and lid, wash and dry them both and ensure the lid screws on tight to avoid any leaks. Take your figure or object that you have decided to use and check that it fits inside the jar.
  • Once you’re happy it fits, using the glue, secure the figure to the bottom of the jar or to the inside of the lid, depending on what way up you would like your snow globe to be. If you have little ones making this craft, they may need some help with using the glue. Place to the side and leave to dry until the glue has completely set.
  • If you don’t have anything to use inside of the jar, you can use craft materials to decorate the outside of the jar instead.
  • Once dry, fill up the jar with water, leaving a small gap at the top.
  • Add in your glitter, sequins, or any other confetti that you may have into the jar and mix.
  • Add a small amount of glue around the rim of the jar, screw on the lid tightly and leave to dry.
  • Once dry, gently shake your snow globe to test that it works and to check for any leaks.
  • To complete your snow globe, you may want to add a piece of ribbon around the top of the jar. Simply tie the ribbon and your snow globe is ready to be put on display or gifted to a loved one.

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This story is from the Winter 2021 issue of our Trivallis Valleys Magazine. To read the full issue, visit our Valleys Magazine page.