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Savvy Energy Savings

20 January 2022

Money Advice |

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We all like to save money where we can but with the cost of energy bills on the rise for the foreseeable future and the classic chilly Welsh weather, it is important we all get into habits that are going to help reduce the costs of our energy bills.  

Energy efficient habits will not only save you some cash, but they will also help to reduce your carbon footprint – something we should all be looking to do.  

Learning to do this doesn’t have to mean drastic changes for you and your household. There are many ways that you can begin saving with just a few small lifestyle changes, and when better to start than today? 

Top Tips: 

  • Unplug appliances at the wall – OVO energy estimate that around £35 a year is spent on leaving appliances on standby- you could save this money with the flick of a switch! 
  • Don’t forget to turn your lights off when you leave a room and think about switching to energy-saving lightbulbs – they use around 80% less energy than traditional ones, it’s a no brainer! 
  • Wait until you have a full load of laundry before you put a wash on, and try to wash at a lower temperature of 30oc to save a third of the energy used at a higher temperature
  • Make the most of any outdoor space you have and dry your washing outside; let’s use the natures tumble dryer!
  • We have all heard that kettles are used most during half time of a sports game, but try to only fill your kettle with the water you need to avoid boiling your cash away 
  • Stop wasting water – using a washing up bowl can save you around £25 a year compared to washing up under running water, and try to cut down your shower time.  
  • Pick your favourite song and try to shower for the length of the tune; it will help to slash your water usage and the energy used to heat it 
  • Try to only heat areas of your home that you need, and make sure to switch the heating off if you are at work or out of the house for a long period of time 
  • Avoid having furniture pushed up against radiators as this will stop the heat from being able to circulate properly and will require more energy to heat up your home 
  • Close your curtains at night to stop the heat escaping, and try to block out any draughty areas to keep your house warm


If you need are struggling to pay your energy bills, contact your energy supplier who will be able to offer a solution and get you back on track. 

Alternatively, chat to our Money Advice Team who are on hand to give you helpful advice. Visit the Money Advice Team to find out how they can help you. 


This article is from the Spring edition of Valleys Magazine 2022. To read the magazine, visit Valleys Magazine