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Annoying Phone Calls and Unwanted Visits

25 January 2022

Your health and safety |

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Visits from people you don’t know, or regular irritating phone calls can be very annoying, but when they happen often you may start to feel anxious and targeted within your own home.  

They may happen for a number of reasons, but often these people are trying to take advantage of the person living in the house and it can cause many issues if they are successful. 

No one should be put in a position where they feel uncomfortable within their home, so it is important to follow this advice to gain control on who can contact you and who you answer the door to. 


Surprise Visits 

If someone has knocked on your door and is asking for details about your home e.g. gas, electricity or water, you should ALWAYS ask to see some ID. If they are unable to confirm who they are and where they work do not let them in. 

You can always contact the company they claim to work for to ensure they are legitimate while they wait outside – they should understand. 

Remember to NEVER give out personal or banking details to someone if you have not verified who they are – you can always ask them to come back later so you can make sure they are who they say they are. 

Please note – All Trivallis staff and our contractor partners are required to carry an ID badge with them. If someone comes to your home claiming to be from Trivallis but you are unsure, ask them to remain outside and contact us directly to check.  

Don’t forget, you do not have to let anyone in your house. It is OK to ask someone to leave if you are uncomfortable. You are in control of who enters your house.  

You can leave a sign on your door that notifies salespeople that you are not interested in their services. Follow this link to download a free ‘no cold callers’ sign that you can place on your front door.



Annoying Phone Calls 

If you are receiving unwanted phone calls, try blocking the number in your phone’s settings. You can speak to your phone provider and they will offer more advice on how you can stop this from happening.  

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the UK’s official ‘Do Not Call’ register, so try registering for free with the TPS to help reduce the number of scam and sales calls you receive. Head over to Telephone Preference Service to register for free now! 


There is no shame in asking for help if you feel you have been targeted by fraudsters; they can be very clever but there is help available.

If you have any concerns of threatening behaviour or that you may have been a victim of fraud, don’t hesitate to report this by calling 101, or if you are in immediate danger call 999.