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Silver Celebrations at Swn Yr Afon

15 February 2022

Sheltered Housing |

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Celebrations were held at Swn Yr Afon  for a tenant who has been a resident for 25 years. Annie Patterson, 87, moved into Swn Yr Afon in 1997 and has been cherished by her neighbours ever since. 

The silver anniversary surprise took place at the sheltered accommodation scheme in Gilfach Goch. The party was not just to celebrate the 25th anniversary, but also to thank Annie for all her hard work and commitment to the scheme. 

Lisa Bray, Sheltered & Supported Housing Manager, said “It’s difficult to convey how much Annie has done for everyone; from organising trips, hosting parties, collecting contributions, and keeping the financial records to linking with other schemes and attending committee meetings. Annie has been the spokeswoman for so many tenants and always has everyone’s best interests at heart.”  

“Swn Yr Afon is one of the complexes where we would not touch the activities, it is driven by people like Annie, there would be something on everyday”. Tenants of the sheltered scheme, which has homes available to those over the age 60, were all in agreement and wanted to thank Annie for her dedication to Swn Yr Afon.  

Everyone was involved in the surprise party, donating funds towards decorations, food, and flowers for Annie. ‘25’ themed cakes filled the tables and tenants gathered in the communal space, adorned with balloons and banners, for the event. Tenants cheered for Annie when she was brought down to the lounge, much to her confusion! She said she “was really surprised” but very happy to be surrounded by her friends as she “still likes a bit of fun!”.

Tenants were quick to congratulate Annie on her silver anniversary at Swn Yr Afon and thank her for the part she has played in making the scheme such a fantastic place to live. Scheme Co-ordinator Sian Jenkins said that it was Annie who took “many tenants under her wing, made them feel welcome and really helped them settle when they moved in”, adding that “there is so much character here, this is such a sociable complex”. 

Trivallis has 23 sheltered housing schemes  throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff, and are managed day to day by a scheme co-ordinator who provides advice and support to residents. The schemes offer a  safe environment where people can live, make friends, and engage in a variety of social activities.  

With 25 years of experience under her belt, Annie is a testament to the success of the housing schemes. When asked what she loves most about Swn Yr Afon, she says it’s “the people; they are all so friendly”.  While other tenants have started to help take over the roles Annie has carried out for the past 25 years, she is already planning the next social event: the Queen’s Jubilee in June. 

We would like to congratulate Annie on her silver anniversary at Swn Yr Afon and wish her all the best. Thank you, Annie, for all your hard work and support during your time as a Trivallis tenant!

For more details on the sheltered housing schemes, visit our webpage for more information.