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Quarterly Performance Report

2 March 2022

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At Trivallis, we are proud to provide homes for thousands of people in our communities. 

As a community mutual, the tenant’s voice is at the heart of everything we do. It’s important that our tenants know how we are performing so they can help us to find ways of doing more of what works and improving on areas that aren’t working. We have released our latest quarterly performance report, which you can find here: Customer Performance Report.

What does the quarterly performance report include?  

Our latest quarterly performance report includes information on our performance between October and December 2021. 

In it you will find information on things like how many repairs we completed on the first visit, how happy our tenants are with the services they have received from us, and how our support teams are helping tenants with things like their finances and looking after their homes.  

Executive Director of Communities Regeneration & Development, Keiron Montague, said: “At Trivallis, we have remained focused on making effective changes to the way we work within the ‘new normal’. I would like to thank our teams for working hard to adapt and achieve the figures shown in the Performance Report; it has not gone unnoticed. 

“We are extremely proud to have gained £398,364.51 in additional income for tenants through the Money Advice Team, who work tirelessly to offer help on all money related matters. Of note is also our response to repairs, with of 95% being completed on the first visit. We are proud to serve you and remain committed to our vision of ‘prosperous people and places’. We will continue to build on the achievements of the last quarter to improve the services for our tenants.”

Some key findings  

  • We supported 117 tenants to stay in their homes with financial and legal advice. It is important to us that everyone is given the best opportunity to remain Trivallis tenants, and the services we provide help to do this. 
  • 95 referrals were made to Trivallis relating to suspected safeguarding or domestic abuse issues. Having achieved a Domestic Abuse Housing Association Accreditation in January, we endeavour to continue to provide the best possible support to those experiencing abuse. 
  • We received 23,678 calls during this quarter, and we answered 81.63% of calls – this is higher than the last quarter. Many of these calls included repair requests, and 95.33% of the 11,923 repairs that were carried out between October and December were completed on the first visit; some repairs require a second visit for more materials or parts. 
  • Unfortunately, we continued to experience issues with No Accesses. This is when we come to check a boiler but we cannot get access to it, and is normally because no one is home. While this is lower than the previous quarter, you can understand that this can be frustrating for us. If you can’t make the appointment, please contact 03000 030 888 to rearrange or email

To read the full report, visit: 

If you are a Trivallis tenant and would like to find out how you can help shape the services Trivallis offers, you can find out more about our tenant involvement offering, Future Makers, by visiting: