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Be Kind

31 March 2022

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“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” — Dalai Lama   


At Trivallis we are proud to be here for our tenants and staff and we work hard to make sure your homes are safe and sound.   

Our dedicated colleagues are committed to providing you with the best service possible, but we also know that we don’t always get things right.  

If you are ever unhappy with the service you receive from Trivallis, there are a number of ways you can let us know, which you can find below.   

Unfortunately, we have recently seen an increase in unacceptable behaviour reports where some tenants have displayed disrespectful behaviour towards our staff, this is unacceptable.   

Throughout 2021, there were 50 reported incidents of verbal assault toward our staff, with several counts of unacceptable behaviour. These reports included incidents of aggression, threatening behaviour, physical assault, inappropriate language, threats to cause harm and threats to cause damage to property.   

Be Kind  

Please remember our staff are here to help you. For them to do their jobs to the best of their ability they require a level of respect and understanding from tenants.   

Any unacceptable behaviour toward our staff will be reported and, if necessary, further action will be taken. We will not tolerate abuse of any kind toward colleagues.   Please remember that we are all human and be mindful and aware of the implications hurtful words and actions can have – be kind.  

If you have any concerns or enquiries, we ask you to report these in the correct manner:  

Customer Service line: 03000 030 88  

Customer Service email:  

Our website ‘contact us’ section allows you to:  

  • Report a repair   
  • Make an enquiry   
  • Fill in a contact us form  

You can access this by visiting: Contact us – Trivallis