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Spooky Savings at Halloween

27 October 2022

Halloween |

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This Halloween, you can still have lots of fun without the scary price tag that comes along with it. With the cost of living on the rise, we have some options for you to still enjoy Halloween with your family and friends without having to spend lots.

Get creative with your costume – Some fancy dress costumes come with a big price tag, rather than spend on new costumes, get creative and make your own costume from the clothes you have at home.

Pass on the pumpkins – If you don’t want to buy pumpkins to carve and decorate your home, why not try creating your own ghastly ghost out of an empty milk carton? If you do decide to carve a pumpkin, we have some templates you can use, here.

Cook up a freaky feast – If you’re giving Halloween parties a miss and are staying home, why not cook up some treats for the whole family to enjoy at a small cost? We have recipes for freaky fruit monsters, witch’s fingers, petrified peppers and spooky surprise truffles, for you to try to make.

Watch a scary film – Whether you want a spooky film for all the family or a horror film for adults, watching a scary film this Halloween is the perfect way to spend your evening. Grab some snacks, turn the lights off, put a film on the TV and get comfy, ready to have a Halloween movie night.

Let’s get crafty – A great way to keep the little ones busy this Halloween is by creating their very own spooky skittles. Get the paint out, make some Halloween characters and spend Halloween playing a game or two of skittles. They also make great decorations once you’re done playing the game!

Spot the pumpkin – Take the family out for some fresh air on a Halloween walk and play a game of ‘spot the pumpkin’. Walk around your area and see who can spot the most pumpkins, placed in the windows of homes or in gardens.

There are plenty of things for you to do, whether you stay at home or head out trick or treating, make sure you stay safe. Here are some ways to make sure you stay spooky and safe this Halloween.

If you need support with your finances, please reach out to our Money Advice Team who are on hand to support you.