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Money Saving Apps

29 October 2022

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A great way to save on spending is to access money saving apps for free food, discounts on days out and more. Check out some useful apps, below:


Olio App – this app gives away free food. It’s supported by supermarkets and links in with your local community and neighbours.  

too good to go logo

TooGoodTooGo App – This app lets customers purchase fresh food daily at a reduced price to limit the amount of food waste produced by businesses. Customers can purchase a ‘Magic Bag’ of food that would otherwise go to waste, directly from a business in their local area.  

kids pass

Kids Pass – discounted access to fun experiences, such as:  

  • Up to 57% off days out & attractions 
  • Kids Go Free at Aquariums, Restaurants & more 
  • 30% off adults & child cinema tickets 
  • Up to 25% off family holidays & resorts 


Plum’s Basic Plan – it’s fee-free and you get its full autosaving tech. It can analyse your spending and work out how much you can afford to save. It does this every four or five days, automatically transferring the money over. You can ramp up or down how much it saves each time, make manual saves and/or pause autosaves. You also have the option to round up purchases made from your linked bank account to the nearest pound. It then saves the difference (for example, 80p on a £2.20 spend), which it collects weekly. 

Have you checked out any reward schemes that you may already be entitled to?

For example, some mobile phone providers offer rewards when you download their app, such as free coffee/ breakfast rolls at well knows high street shops on certain days of the week. Take advantage! 

For support with your finances, get in touch with our Money Advice Team.

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