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Your Trivallis, Your Voice

3 February 2023

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This is your chance to improve Trivallis services

At Trivallis, we want our tenants to be happy with their home and our services. Current satisfaction surveys tell us that we need to be better for that to be the case. To help us improve satisfaction levels, we need to better understand tenant expectations, aspirations and needs. As a Community Mutual, we are committed to listening to tenant views, so that they can influence what we do. 

We are reviewing the services we provide to find out if tenants want to access them differently. As part of that review, we’re looking at how we communicate with tenants, how they get in touch with us, and how they prefer to access information and policies.  

As part of the review, we have created a 4-minute survey to help us understand tenant preferences when it comes to our services.  

So, if you are a tenant, please complete the survey and add your voice to designing how we work in the future. There’s even a chance to win a £50 Love2Shop voucher. Tenants have all been sent a text message with a link to the 4-minute survey, but you can also speak to your neighbourhood manager or even mention it to customer services next time you call, and they can help you fill out the survey. 

It’s Your Trivallis, Your Voice. 


Click here if you would like more information on how we store your data.