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Bath Christmas Markets

17 March 2023

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In December, the Customer Involvement Team at Trivallis held a bus trip to visit Bath Christmas Markets. Where tenants who signed up to become at least a level one involved tenant (input), were entered into a prize drawer for a space on the bus. With over 100 tenants signing up to become a future maker, the winners were randomly selected and allocated a place for a Christmas day out.

Whilst travelling, tenants were asked to fill in their first survey, ‘Your Thoughts – Rent
Consultation 2023-2024’, where valuable feedback was gained on the rent increase and the services it could affect.

The bus trip gave some tenants an opportunity to visit a place they may not have had chance to visit before and an opportunity to speak with Trivallis staff and other tenants.

One tenant said: “ We decided to enter because we thought it is something we would like to do, but probably wouldn’t get round to doing, so coming on this trip has ticked one thing off our list. We’re so glad we came.”

Another tenant explained: “All you have to do is answer surveys to be able to come on these trips and the surveys are about things that affect us anyway, so it’s a win, win really.”

There will be more trips like this going forward where tenants can meet with other tenants for a day out and can help shape Trivallis by having their input.

If you would like to become an involved tenant, visit our Future Makers page.


This story is from our Spring 2023 issue of valleys. and y bae. magazine, click the links to read the latest issue.