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Shaping the magazine

17 March 2023

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Being a member of the Tenant Action Panel (TAP) means that you are involved in reviewing what Trivallis produces, scrutinising the work and ensuring that it is benefiting tenants.

Steve Thrupp has been an involved tenant for 21 years and has helped shape Trivallis in many ways over the years.

Steve is currently a member of TAP. He said: “TAP has influenced the Trivallis budget next year, prioritising support services such as STEPS, SAFE and the Money Advice Team.

“TAP has had the opportunity to shape the content of this magazine, from helping tenants to improve their lives to sharing recipes.”

TAP meets regularly and recently, Leah Mayes, Communications Officer at Trivallis
went along to propose the page plan for this magazine and chat through ideas of what content tenants would like to see.

Leah said: “Meeting with tenants allows us to really understand what content they want to see. I went along with ideas and from meeting with TAP, I was able to finalise what is now included in this magazine.

“They suggested recipe ideas, stories from different involved tenants that they would like to see featured and more. They even had ideas for content for us to include in the next summer issue!”

If you would like to become an involved tenant, visit our Future Makers page.


This story is from our Spring 2023 issue of valleys. and y bae. magazine, click the links to read the latest issue.