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Supporting you with rent

19 March 2023

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At Trivallis, we understand that the current cost of living crisis is placing pressure on households to pay their rent. However, we must still ensure we collect the rent for our properties, to continue to provide services. At the same time we want to make sure we are supporting you, our tenants.

Collecting rent is an important element for a landlord as it funds repairs, provides investment into improving homes and allows us to build and redevelop our properties.

It also pays for important services such as tenancy support, Money Advice and Neighbourhood teams, who are there to deal with any tenancy issues that may arise.

We know that rent is a priority debt, and we want to support households who
may be struggling to pay their rent along with other household costs. The key to success with this is, getting our tenants to work with us and engage with our teams if they are finding things difficult and struggling.

If you do have rent arrears and are not engaging with us, we may need to take enforcement action and this could result in further costs being added to your account, your credit rating being affected and ultimately a risk of you being evicted from your home.

Our Rent Account Managers want to avoid this, and instead want to support tenants who may be finding it difficult to pay their rent. There is a lot of work that goes into collecting rent and supporting households.

Throughout 2022, our Income Collection Team worked hard to engage with our tenants and completed the following:

  • Made 13,026 outbound telephone calls
  • Sent 4,970 text messages, 7,538 letters and 7,677 e-mails
  • Undertook 601 physical home visits
  • Made 675 referrals to our Money Advice Team
  • Referred 84 households to Citizens Advice for support with

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, then please contact Trivallis and ask to speak to the Income Collection Team. We are here to help!

To contact the Income Collection Team or Money Advice Team for support, please contact us:


This story is from our Spring 2023 issue of valleys. and y bae. magazine, click the links to read the latest issue.