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Your new Occupation Contracts are arriving

21 March 2023

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Housing law has changed, and it does affect you!


What are the changes?

On 1st December 2022 the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 changed the way all landlords in Wales rent their properties, improving how tenants rent, manage, and live in rented homes in Wales.

The Renting Homes Act:

  • Gives more protection to tenants
  • Defines clear rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords
  • Introduces new occupation contracts to replace tenancy agreements.

The Act states that Trivallis must issue anyone who was a tenant before 1st December 2022 with an Occupation Contract that automatically replaces your old Tenancy Agreement.

What are Occupation Contracts?

There are two types of Occupation Contracts:

  • Secure Contract: this replaces all assured tenancies issued before 1st
    December 2022.
  • Standard Contract: this replaces all assured shorthold tenancies issued before 1st December 2022. This will be your contract if you are not a social housing tenant – e.g. you pay a market rent for your home.

Your Occupation Contract with Trivallis will be set out in a written statement. The written statement replaces your old Tenancy Agreement and will include all the terms of the contract.

The different types of terms are:

  • Key Matters: these are the important details, for example the names of the landlord and contract holder and address of the property, as well as the contract start date. These must be inserted in every contract.
  • Fundamental Terms: cover the most important aspects of the contract, including how the landlord gets possession and the landlord’s obligations regarding repairs.
  • Supplementary Terms: deals with the more practical day to day matters applying to the Occupation Contract. For example, the requirement to notify the landlord if the property is going to be left unoccupied for 4 weeks or more.
  • Additional Terms: address any other specifically agreed matters that may have been in your old Tenancy Agreement, for example a term which relates to the keeping of pets.

When will you receive your Occupation Contract?

Trivallis will be sending you a copy of your written statement in the post. You will receive this between April and May. If you are a joint contract holder, both contract holders will receive a copy of their written statement.

You do not have to sign anything or take any other action, but when you receive your Occupation Contract, please do take a few minutes to read through your written statement and then keep it in a safe place.

For more information on the Renting Homes (Wales) Act, visit our Renting Homes (Wales) Act Hub.


This story is from our Spring 2023 issue of valleys. and y bae. magazine, click the links to read the latest issue.