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Improving safety for tenants with hearing loss

3 May 2023

Your health and safety |

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This year we celebrated the successful launch of a programme to improve fire safety for tenants who live with hearing loss.

The project which provides vibrating pillows to tenants who may not be able to respond to an audible alarm, is just one benefit that stems from an ongoing focus on Person Centred Fire Risk Assessments that has allowed the Fire Safety Team to better meet the needs of vulnerable tenants.

The device works by detecting the sound of the fire alarm and emitting a strong vibration to provide the tenant with a vital warning that would otherwise be missed.

Richard Evans, Building Safety & Compliance Manager at Trivallis said: “Supporting vulnerable tenants and meeting their specific needs is a huge priority for us.

“We want our tenants to feel safe and happy in their homes and every tenant should feel supported to live that way. Being able to provide these pillows, and the reassurance they provide our tenants, is just one of the many benefits we are seeing from our increased capacity to conduct and deliver on person centred fire risk assessments.

“This has allowed us to tailor the support we provide to meet the accessibility needs of our tenants and provide an equitable service that keeps everyone safe in their homes.”

Read more about the collaborative work that allowed the team to identify the needs of vulnerable tenants, here: Trivallis Teams collaborate to improve tenant safety – Trivallis