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Gas Safety Engineers go above and beyond to support tenants

19 June 2023

Your health and safety |

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Over the last year, our Gas Safety Engineers did an amazing job supporting tenants in the community. They worked hard to keep people safe in their homes. Their main job was to make sure gas appliances and systems were working safely, but they also helped with other housing problems.

One important thing the Gas Safety Team did was help tenants save energy and money. They checked heating systems and appliances in houses and suggested ways to use less energy. They might have suggested changing timers or thermostats, or increasing levels of insulation to reduce heat loss. By doing these things, tenants used less energy and lowered their bills. This was good for saving money and also for the environment because it reduced pollution from using too much energy.

The Gas Safety Team also know how to keep the air inside homes clean and fresh. They checked ventilation systems in homes to make sure they worked properly. If the air inside a property wasn’t good, it could make people sick with allergies or breathing problems. The engineers explained to people how important it was to have good ventilation.

Another way our Gas Safety Engineers helped was by checking out of date smoke alarms and carbon dioxide alarms, replacing these if they have expired and testing them on an annual basis. Along with educating tenants on how to test and understand what to do if any of these were activated. This has ensured we have met the requirement set by The Renting Homes (Wales) Act. They also sometimes found problems like water leaks, performance issues with boilers, electrical issues, or structural problems that could be dangerous. They then let other repair colleagues know about these issues so they could be fixed promptly, and homes stayed safe for continued use.

But the team didn’t only support tenants with gas safety. On some inspections, they noticed things which indicated a tenant was struggling with other issues. With the tenant’s permission, they contacted colleagues from our Money Advice Team and support teams who then provided the help that the tenant needed.

To sum it up, our Gas Safety Team did a really important job last year in keeping homes safe. They didn’t just make sure gas systems were safe, they also helped with other housing issues. They helped people save energy, keep the air clean, gave advice on home maintenance, and referred people to other support services when needed. The Gas Safety Engineers genuinely care about tenants’ well-being and made sure everyone had a healthy, safe, and comfortable home to live in.

If you need support, please contact us.