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Citizens Advice Partnership

24 July 2023

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Trivallis works in partnership with Citizens Advice. They are there to provide advice and support for anyone who needs it.

Part of our partnership is that we have a designated advisor working at Citizens Advice, who is there for Trivallis tenants.

Having a designated advisor means that when the Money Advice Team refers a tenant for more support, they can provide regular updates to the team on how they are supporting.

Typically, the team refer tenants who have multiple or significant debts, but Citizens Advice are there to offer free advice to anyone who needs it.

If you need support from Citizens Advice, you can contact them by calling AdviceLink on 0800 702 2020 or visit Citizens Advice.

The Money Advice Team can also refer you to Citizens Advice. If you would prefer to speak to the team, please contact us or call 01443 494560 to speak to a member of the team.


This piece is from our summer issue of Valleys Magazine and Y Bae Magazine.