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Future Makers are making a difference

27 July 2023

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We’re looking for tenants to help us improve our services and to make a real impact on communities. No matter what level you join, by becoming an involved tenant, you will make a big difference.

Whether you can only commit to a few hours or want to be actively involved, we have an option for you!

Look at what our incredible involved tenants have been achieving:

As a level 1 involved tenant, you commit as much or as little time as you like. You take part in surveys to provide your feedback and share your views.

Your input has helped us understand how you want us to communicate with you and how you would prefer to contact us.

We received 767 responses to our ‘Your Trivallis, Your Voice’ campaign. By taking part in surveys like this, you are shaping the way we interact with you as your landlord.

As a level 2 involved tenant, you become part of a working group that focuses on issues that really matter and influence change. You work with us to improve our services and be a voice for your community.

With your help, we have established the following tenant working groups for the key areas:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Working Group
  • Complaints Working Group
  • Estates Working Group
  • Repairs Working Group
  • Sheltered Tenant Representative Group

Look at the influence some of the groups have been having:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Working Group – The group found that the process to report anti-social behaviour was diffi cult. By working with the Neighbourhoods Team, they made changes to make it easier and more effi cient for everyone involved.
  • Estates Working Group – The group felt that Trivallis’ presence on estates was missing and as a result, the schedule for estate inspections is now being updated on the Trivallis website.
  • Repairs Working Group – The group found ‘no access calls’ an issue that needed improving, so suggested that giving tenants 1-2 days’ notice before their appointment would help. The trial of this decreased the number and has now been introduced in working practices.

As a level 3 involved tenant, you are part of our committed Tenant Action Panel that carries out reviews of policies and looks at performance and tenant satisfaction levels. You also make recommendations on operational issues, and analyse the effectiveness of our housing and repair services delivered to tenants.

Our Tenant Action Panel will commission working groups, the groups then report their progress back to the panel.

Want to find out more information on how you can become a Future Maker? Click here.


This piece is from our summer issue of Valleys Magazine and Y Bae Magazine.