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A day in the life with Carrie

28 July 2023

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Meet Carrie Bray, your Tenant Liaison Officer. Carrie shares what her role is like on a daily basis and how that makes a difference for tenants.

Carrie is responsible for communicating with tenants, supporting with moving properties and communicating with contractors and Neighbourhood Managers.

Carrie explains: “I am based at Cardiff Bay and Mitchell Court in Tonypandy. My role as a Tenant Liaison Officer is to be the face-to-face contact for tenants who are being moved from one property to another.

“I am there to support tenants, to help them manage moving home and support with managing their change in circumstances by helping with Universal Credit and the local council.”

No two days are the same for Carrie. A large part of her role is being there for tenants and understanding their needs, to find a suitable home and being there for them when the move happens.

Carrie shares: “I play a part in finding tenants alternative accommodation when they can no longer live in their home. I organise house viewings when a property becomes available based on individual needs. I make referrals for tenancy support if a tenant needs extra support. I am also on site when a property move is taking place so that I can be on hand if any additional support is needed. I will liaise with contractors and organise repairs as and when needed.

“I really enjoy liaising with tenants and being helpful when they need me. I really like making a difference to their lives by providing support.”

Carrie works alongside Neighbourhood Managers including, Stephanie who is based at Cardiff Bay. Their roles are different, but they are both there to support you.

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This piece is from our summer issue of Y Bae Magazine.