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Trivallis Celebrates a Decade of Excellence with New Accreditation

19 September 2023

Sheltered Housing |

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Trivallis has made history by becoming the first housing association to receive accreditation under the new EROSH Independent Living Standards. This achievement comes after more than a decade of dedicated service and continuous improvement in supported housing.

In a time where delivering top-notch services and supporting communities are paramount, Trivallis has stood the test of time, consistently enhancing its long-standing legacy of providing high-quality supported housing services.

With a decade of excellence under its belt, Trivallis has earned the distinction of being the inaugural organisation to earn accreditation under the new Independent Living Standards.

Martin, Sheltered Scheme Resident

Martin, Sheltered Scheme Resident


Trivallis’ commitment to delivering outstanding Sheltered and Supported Housing Services through MAGPIE, GRAMO, STEPS, and SAFE has remained unwavering since 2010. Year after year, the organisation has undergone rigorous assessments, continually striving to raise the bar

In 2023, Erosh, the accrediting body, introduced the Independent Living Standards, formerly known as the Code of Practice. Trivallis enthusiastically embraced this transition, showcasing its readiness to meet evolving standards and cater to the ever-changing needs of its tenants.

Trivallis underwent assessment against five vital standards that epitomize its dedication to creating safe and supportive communities.

Governance & Management: Ensuring efficient service management.

Value for Money and Effective Use of Resources: Achieving value for money while efficiently allocating resources.

Equal and Respectful: Treating customers and staff with equality and respect.

Customer Focused and Personalised Services: Tailoring services to individual needs and empowering customers.

Customer and Staff Safety: Safeguarding customers while encouraging sensible risk-taking.

Being accredited as an ‘Independent Living Standards’ provider underscores Trivallis’ commitment to excellence. Moreover, Trivallis’ membership in Erosh connects the organisation with a network of Sheltered Housing providers across South Wales, facilitating the sharing of best practices and providing access to valuable guides and case studies.

Erosh granted accreditation status to all services assessed, underscoring Trivallis’ unwavering commitment to its communities. Trivallis takes immense pride in being the first organisation accredited under the new Independent Living Standards.

As part of the accreditation process, several areas of good practice were identified:

– The STEPS team’s extensive range of services sets a benchmark for tenant support.

– Effective management successfully transitioned staff back to office-based work, creating a positive atmosphere.

– Sheltered Schemes continually adapt to meet changing needs, incorporating safety upgrades like sprinkler installations.

– Strong partnerships with various agencies ensure top-quality support for individuals.

Claire James, Head of Supporting Customers & Tenancies at Trivallis, shared her thoughts on this achievement:

“I am immensely proud of our teams and their unwavering daily efforts to provide the best possible service to our tenants. We often face tough challenges, and it’s their passion, expertise, and dedication that have led to these fantastic results for our communities. I’m excited to continue working with Erosh and building on this success.”

Rebecca Mollart, Chief Executive at Erosh was involved in the very first accreditation to the original Code of Practice. She said: “I assessed RCT Homes’ sheltered housing service for the Code of Practice in 2010. At that time, I distinctly remember the way in which (post-transfer) the organsation had transformed into a culture of involvement and empowerment, community engagement, and the commitment to continuous improvement.

“Coming back after 13 years, I was impressed by how Trivallis has managed the transition back to the office post-Covid, how customers are even more at the heart of the organisation, the commitment and enthusiasm of staff, and the genuine and continuing commitment to continuous improvement which is fundamental to achieving the Independent Living Standards. A well-deserved accreditation.”

Trivallis’ journey of excellence continues, setting a high standard for housing associations across the nation.