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Let's Get Crafty: Firework Painting

21 October 2023

#ValleysMag | #YBaeMag | Charity |

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This Bonfire Night, why not get crafty and create your own firework paintings?

This craft has been provided by our charity partner Valleys Kids’, Artist in Residence, Anne Evans.

What you will need:

  • A sheet of plain paper
  • A cardboard tube
  • A pair of scissors
  • Paint
  • Paper plates or something to put the paint on.

How to make:

Step 1: Using the scissors, cut strips into the cardboard tube up to about half way.

Step 2: Spread open the fringed ends.

Step 3: Put your paints onto the plates.

Step 4: Dip the fringed end of your cardboard roll into the paint.

Step 5: Dab your cardboard roll onto your sheet of plain paper and make some marks with the different colour paints.

Step 6: Make a few more exploding fireworks on your paper then add some different effects to make your painting more exciting.


We want you to SHINE bright this Bonfire Night, click here to find out more.