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Rent Consultation 2024/2025

10 November 2023

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Your Rent, Your Priorities

Each year we review our rent charges based on the rate of inflation. This is so that the money we earn from rent covers the cost of running our services.

To make sure we are setting rents at a fair level, Welsh Government sets a limit for increases each year. For April 2024-March 2025, Welsh Government says we can only increase our overall rental income charge by 6.7%. This means if your rent is £80 per week at the moment, it could go up to £85.36. If your rent is £100 per week at the moment, it could go up to £106.70.

We want to be open and honest about the way rent increases will make a difference to the services we deliver for our tenants and explain how we spend the money we receive from rent on things that make a difference to you.

And this is why we want to hear what you think about rent increases.

Setting rents is a very tricky decision. We want to keep rents as low as possible, but we also want to deliver excellent services which make your home and neighbourhood a great place to live.

That’s why we need to hear what you think.

Only one response is needed per home, so please consult with your household, take some time to fill out the survey and have your input on the next rent increase.

How do we spend your rent?

The image below sets out per £1 the services and programmes your rent pays for.

Staffing – Having enough staff to deliver our services is important, especially as demand on those services increases.

Repairs & Maintenance – We invest a lot in this work to ensure your home is safe and comfortable, especially as a lot of our homes are quite old and need a lot of work.

Office Costs, Services & Other– Delivering many services requires a lot of support, so money invested in the right support helps improve and maintain our frontline services.

Asset Management –We manage over 12,523 properties ranging from general needs homes to sheltered accommodation, garages, and leased premises.  Making sure these are safe and well maintained is important as it helps us deliver a better living experience for our tenants and generate income from our leased assets to reinvest in our tenant services.

Housing Management – We run many services that support people to live well in their homes. Investing in these services means we can provide tailored support to meet individuals changing needs.

Transport – Our services cover a large area so having the right transport provision means we can deliver our services more efficiently.

Development – Building new affordable homes is important for meeting the growing demand for housing. 70% of our funding for new developments comes from Welsh government with the rest of the money coming from sources other than your rent.

So what are we asking? 

Between 10- 17 November you will receive a text with a link to Rent Consultation Survey. This will only take 2 minutes to complete and by completing this survey you could be one of ten people who will win a £25 Love2Shop voucher if you provide your contact details.

In this survey we’ll ask you some basic information about you; what area you live in, your age and income. This is so that we can understand how rent increases might affect different people in different ways.

We’ll then ask you about the services and programme that matter most to you. This is so that we can understand where we need to invest more and where we can cut back if needed. We ‘ll then us this information to guide our decision making, ensuring we keep your rent affordable while delivering vital services.

Only one response is needed per home, so please speak with your household, take some time to fill out the survey and have your input on the next rent increase.

If you have difficulty completing the form, instructions will be provided regarding alternative ways to feedback

Would you like other opportunities to get involved in decisions made at Trivallis?

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