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Pay my rent

Your rent is due to be paid weekly, in advance. This means your first payment is due on the day your tenancy starts.

There are a number of different ways you can pay your rent, making it as simple as possible for you. We will send you a rent statement by post. If you would prefer to get this by email then contact us

Direct Debit

We can help you set up a direct debit so your rent will be paid straight from your bank account. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay each week.

It’s easy, convenient and doesn’t cost you anything to set up.

We’ll always let you know well in advance about any changes, such as rent increases, so you can stay in control of your budget.

Post Office

We can give you a payment card that you can use to pay your rent at any Post Office.

To find your local Post Office visit the branch finder.

All Pay

You can pay your rent online. Simply visit

Make sure you have your payment reference number handy (this can be found on your rent payment card) and the debit or credit card you want to use to make the payment.

There’s also an Allpay app which you can download to your mobile phone or tablet to make it even easier to pay online.

You can make a rent payment to AllPay over the phone 24 hours-a-day by calling: 0330 041 6497.


We can give you a payment card that will work in any shop that displays the PayPoint logo.

To find your nearest PayPoint location visit the store locator.

Your rent statement shows the weekly charges and all the payments made by you to Trivallis. The statement will explain if you have a credit balance (a ‘-‘ minus sign in front of the amount) or if you owe money (or arrears) to Trivallis. You can request a copy of your rent statement for any time of your tenancy that you want to view.

The debit total is the value of rent and service charges you are responsible for. Rent is money you pay to your landlord to live in your home. Service charges cover the cost of additional services provided to you.

For example, some service charges will be Housing Benefit (HB) or Universal Credit (Universal Credit) and can be claimed as part of your benefit entitlement. However, others are not, and you’ll need to pay these out of you own funds.

Any service charges that aren’t communal and are supplied individually to residents like heating and hot water will not be covered by HB or UC.