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Bin collection

We want to work with tenants to keep our estates looking clean and tidy, which is where recycling and putting your black bags out properly can really help us keep a neighbourhood you can be proud of.

Below you will be able to find information about your local waste collection days and more information from your local council about what can and cannot be recycled.


We’re all pretty used to being asked to recycle.

Most places we visit will have both recycling and general waste bins available, but sometimes we can forget about the importance of recycling at home.

Recycling is good for the environment which is also good for you.

By reducing the waste going into landfill we can reduce our reliance on using untouched natural resources. We can also save energy by processing less landfill waste which also harms the environment.

But there are also current local benefits.

Black bag waste can often attract unwanted pests and when not put out properly, can end up splitting open and making the area look untidy.

However, recycling bags will be collected more frequently are less likely to attract pests, but only when the recycling as been cleaned and properly placed. This will reduce the amount of waste stored in your home and will reduce the amount of unsightly waste spread across the area.


Below we share a handy guide about what can and cannot be recycled in your main recycling bag and a reminder to wash any plastic or metal waste before you bag it. This is important because unwashed recycled waste will end up back in landfill.

Food waste caddies and  recycling bags are also available to recycle any food waste you have. These can be ordered via your local council website if you don’t already have them.

Other Resources

Keep Wales Tidy has lots of information about recycling and litter picking, including support for finding or setting up a local litter pick group.

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