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Dog Barking

Dog barking is not a form of anti-social behaviour (ASB). If you have an issue with a neighbour’s dog barking, the first thing you should do is talk to the neighbour to make them aware it is causing a problem.

This type of nuisance is difficult to manage because dogs can be provoked to bark, so it is difficult to capture evidence. In the first instance, we recommend you speak to your neighbour to make them aware of the issue.

If the dog is barking for long periods at unsociable hours throughout the night, we could then challenge the owner if we can capture this nuisance through the noise app.

We can offer support, advice, and guidance if the dog is dangerous or there are concerns around animal welfare. You can also directly contact South Wales Police for dangerous dogs and for welfare concerns, contact RSPCA.

There is also advice available at Dogs Trust: Dog Help and Advice | Dogs Trust

If you need more support, please visit our  ASB page or contact us.