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FAQ's for Miskin School

We have put together some frequently asked questions surrounding the proposed redevelopment of the former Miskin School, School Road, Miskin, CF72 8PG.

Background to the proposed development:

In November 2019, Trivallis purchased the former Miskin School building from the previous owners, Nautilus Building and Roofing Ltd. Since then, we have been busy working on plans to redevelopment the site in order to provide much needed, high quality, affordable housing.

What type of accommodation is being built?

At Trivallis it is important we build sustainable communities where all residents have the same opportunities. We have worked closely with Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council to determine what type of properties are most needed in the area. As set out in their Local Housing Market Assessment and Affordable Housing Investment Guide, there is a shortage of one-bedroom properties currently within the Miskin area. Therefore, we will be building a mix of 11 new properties including; 10 one-bedroom flats and one, two bedroom house.

We are not proposing to demolish the existing school building, simply to refurbish and convert to preserve a village landmark.

Will there be parking on site?

Yes, there will be 11 parking spaces provided at the rear of the development, reducing the need for any on-street parking.

Has the scheme been given planning permission?

The scheme has not been given planning permission yet. As the scheme is over 10 units, it is classed as a ‘major development’ and we are required to undertake statutory pre-application consultation under the Planning (Wales) Act 2015. This takes place for a period of 28 days prior to the full planning application being submitted to Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council.

Trivallis’ standard procedure is to hold a full public consultation event where the local community are invited along to view the plans and have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with a member of the Development Team, before any application is submitted. However, given the current situation related to COVID-19, this will not be possible for this application.

Where can I view the proposals?

Trivallis has appointed LRM Planning as our Planning Consultant for this development and they will be managing the pre-application consultation for us. Plans can be found on their website using the following link:

After the pre-application consultation period has expired and the full application has been submitted, members of the general public will have an opportunity to view the plans on RCTCBC’s planning portal or One4All Centres in the borough. From here, you will be able to comment on the application.

If you have any more questions on the planning process please visit the portal:

What are the timescales for this development?

Following the pre-application consultation period, the full application will be submitted to RCTCBC at the start of August and we are expecting a decision to be made during Autumn 2020.

If planning is approved, we anticipate construction works could commence during Summer 2020 but this is an estimate at this stage.

Who will be moving into these properties?

The new properties will be allocated through the common housing register shortly before they are completed. Anyone who is interested can apply to join the register at

Like all our developments, the scheme will have a local lettings policy. This will set certain criteria; which applicants must meet in order to be considered for a property within the development. Details of the criteria will be included in the advertisement on the Homefinder website; when the properties are listed.

How can I get one of these homes?

Like all Trivallis properties, you will need to apply through the common housing register to be able to bid on the homes once they are completed. For more information on how to bid for a Trivallis home, visit:

I want to speak to a member of Trivallis’ Development Team:

To contact a member of Trivallis’ Development team about this proposal, please email