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Gas safety

As your landlord it’s our responsibility to carry out a gas check and service every year to make sure you’re safe in your home. Gas appliances that are not serviced can produce poisonous carbon monoxide gas, which can cause sickness and even kill. You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide.

Each year, more than fifty men, women and children in the UK die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning

Your Appointment

We will contact you to make an appointment for one of our engineers to visit your home. It’s really important you stick to your appointment so our gas engineers can carry out the service. The gas safety check and service is carried out completely free of charge by engineers from Trivallis.

Our engineer will also carry out a visual check on appliances that you own – such as your cooker – and tell you if they need attention.

Please make sure that an adult is present to let the engineer into your home at the time of your appointment. If the appointment is not suitable, you must contact us to make a new appointment immediately.

A safety check is so important. If you do not let our engineer into your home then we can take you to court to gain entry and, in some cases, even force entry. You would have to pick up the very expensive bill if we had to take such action.

Please help Trivallis to keep you and your family safe by letting us carry out your annual gas safety test. 

Managing your home

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