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Future Makers

Back in the Summer we asked our tenants what the future of involvement at Trivallis should look like. Over 300 people responded and we have acted on the feedback. 

Now, we are looking for future makers; tenants who want to get involved with Trivallis, help shape our services and make sure the tenants’ voice is heard.  

We are breaking down barriers 

Whether you can commit a few minutes a month or a few hours a week, you can be a future maker.

If you’re a wi-fi whizz or a complete computer novice, you can be a future maker 

With our new involvement offering, it’s never been so easy to make sure your voice is heard – even from the comfort of your own living room. 

Are you looking for a way to give your input on the future of your home and community? 

Our input involvement offering means you can:  

  • Commit as much or as little time as you like.
  • Receive regular and up to date information from us on our services.
  • Participate in the completion of surveys to share your views. 
  • Provide feedback and keep us up to date on what is the best way to communicate with you. 

Find out more about input: Future Makers Input 

Are you passionate about influencing decision making to make a real difference?  

Our influence involvement offering means you can:  

  • Join an established working group and to focus on the issues that matter to you.
  • Work with us to improve your neighbourhood, estate, or area where you live, our repairs service, anti-social behaviour, and complaints.
  • Be a champion for your estate and the voice for your community. 
  • Take part in mystery shopping exercises to review our services. 

Find out more information about influence: Future Makers Influence

Are you someone who wants to inspire positive change in your community? 

Our inspire involvement offering means you can:  

  • Be part of our committed tenant action panel. 
  • Carry out reviews of Trivallis’ policies, and our performance and tenant satisfaction levels.
  • Look at the work of  Trivallis and scrutinise our activities for the benefits of all tenants. 

Find out more information about inspire: Future Makers Inspire