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Keep safe in the winter

Captain Cosy is our warm homes hero. Here are her top tips to get you and your home prepared for cold weather.

Captain Cosy outside a snowy home

Keep your heating ticking over while you are out

Keeping the heating on a low level will help warm your home and ensure that there is warm water in the popes so they don’t freeze.

Check you are in credit with your pre-paid meter

Many of us are on pre-paid meters and getting out to the shops to top these up can be difficult in cold and icy weather. Make sure that you have enough credit there to cover you so you don’t go without when the cold weather hits.

Make sure you have the essentials

Make sure you have the food you need, even if it’s just the usual bread and milk. It is worth picking up any prescriptions too, just in case it’s too cold to venture out.

Use salt or sand to clear icy paths

Using warm water to melt snow might refreeze and turn to black ice. Instead, use salt or sand (ordinary table salt or dishwasher salt works fine too). You should use around a tablespoon for each square metre.

Go on the hunt for your stop valve

The stop valve (or stopcock) controls the water coming into your home. You might need to use this should any pipes freeze or burst. They are usually found under the sink or under the stairs but if you don’t know where it is, get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.

Keep pets indoors

Remember that our furry friends feel the cold too, so keep them indoors and warm

Keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours

If you are able, keep an eye on any vulnerable neighbours. Popping in for a chat or doing a little shop for the essentials can be a big help and stop people from feeling isolated should the weather prevent them from leaving home.


If you have an urgent request as a result of the weather such as a boiler breakdown or burst pipes then contact us straight away.

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