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Keep the pests out

Are you having trouble keeping pests out of your garden? Take a look at some of the tips we have for you to help protect your garden without hurting the animals.

  • Most supermarkets or garden stores sell pest repellents sprays that you can use in your garden to keep the slugs and snails away.
  • Many pests are scared away by noise, try purchasing a wind chime for your garden to scare away unwanted animals.
  • When choosing plants for you garden, why not select some pest repellent ones? They’ll brighten up your garden and keep pests away.
  • Keeping your garden tidy, blocking access, and moving things around can help keep rats away as they won’t have a place to hide, and they don’t like change.
  • Plant herbs like lavender and rosemary in your garden to keep cats away, the scent is too strong for a cat’s sensitive nose.
  • Don’t leave out food, feeding pests will see them returning to your garden.
  • Dog mess also attracts pests such a rats, clearing away any dog poo will help keep pests away and keep a safe and clean environment.

If you have a serious issue with pests or infestations, please get in touch with your local council who will be able to help:

If you’re looking for more garden advice, visit our caring for your garden page.