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Keeping my home warm

When the colder weather starts, making sure your home is comfortably warm brings many good things. It keeps you cosy, saves money, and helps keep you and your home well.


Why should I keep my home warm?

Staying Healthy and Comfortable: A warm home keeps you safe from the cold, stopping cold-related sickness and discomfort. Good heating keeps your body warm and avoids issues like frostbite and hypothermia.

Better Air Quality: Having enough warmth stops too much dampness and water, which can make mould and mildew grow. Keeping your home warm makes the air cleaner and reduces the chance of breathing problems.

Saving Energy and Money: Keeping a steady warm temperature actually uses less energy and saves you money. Big changes in temperature make your heating system work more and use more energy.

Protecting Your Home: When it’s cold, your home can get hurt, like pipes freezing or walls cracking. But if you keep your home warm, you stop these problems and don’t have to spend a lot on repairs.

Easy Ways to Warm Your Home

Here’s how to warm up your home without spending too much:

Maintain warmth: keeping a consistent and comfortable low heat is more cost effective and better for you and your home.  A constant background temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is recommended over short bursts of intense heat followed by cold.

Closing Curtains: close curtains at night to help retain heat but make sure to open them during the day to allow air circulation

Opening Curtains: Let the sun in so that your home can naturally warm from the heat it generates through the window.

Dress warm: Just like you wear layers of clothes, your home can use layers too. Use rugs on the floor and put extra blankets on your bed and couch.

If you’re at risk of falling, stick with throws and thick curtains rather than rugs, these can become a trip hazard for some vulnerable people.

Stay cosy: Wear warm clothes and use blankets to stay comfy. This helps you feel warm even if the room isn’t super-hot.

Remember, a warm home isn’t just about comfort—it also saves you money and keeps your home cosy and happy. Try these simple tricks, and you’ll enjoy a toasty home that helps keep damp and mould away.

If you’re worried about the cost of keeping your home warm, our Money Advice Team may be able to help.

Below we also share a list of grants and support services that may also be able to help:


Download our Keeping Warm checklist here