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Keeping your home warm

Captain Cosy is our warm homes hero. Here are her helpful tips to help you keep your home warm during the cold weather.

Manage any draughts Usdraught excluders at the bottom of doors and seal up areas around windows as these are the typical places where draughts need to be managed. Don’t forget to cover up pet doors and letter boxes, when not in use, as this can help with keeping the heat inside of your home. 

Keep radiators clear Move any items that may be blocking your radiators such as your sofa or drying clothes. This will maximise the amount of heat your radiator gives off, allowing the warm air to move around your home. If possible, find another way to dry clothes to prevent condensation from damp clothes getting into the air. 

Use a rug If you have hard floors that get cold easily, using a rug will not only keep your feet warm when walking on it but will also help to keep your room insulated, stopping heat being lost through the floors.  

Use thick curtains –  Using thick curtains and closing them when it gets cold in the evenings will help to trap the heat and keep your home warm. Make sure to open the curtains in the day to let the sunlight in to help heat your home. If you need to get thick curtains ready for the colder weather, visit Too Good To Waste to see what they have to offer. 

Cooking at homeWhen cooking, the kitchen temperature rises with the oven and stove on. Take advantage of cooking, to not only cook up a hearty, winter meal but to also help with warming up your home. If it is safe to do so, keep your oven slightly open after cooking to use the excess heat as it is cooling down.  

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