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Listening and Responding to your needs

“I welcome the range of opportunities that our Tenant Involvement Framework offers and I hope tenants will be encouraged to take part and become involved in whatever area suits their lifestyle”. - Emma Nicholas, Chair of the Tenant Action Panel

You cannot be a great landlord without listening to your tenants. This is why we have sought to involve tenants at every stage of this period of change for our organisation.

We have over 500 tenants involved in our Future Makers programme which continues to be a success with more tenants coming forward to get involved.

From sitting on groups that shape how we deliver our work to sitting on recruitment panels, our involved tenants play an active role in everything we do.

Our ‘Influencers’ and Tenant Action Panel members were consulted on the key areas that matter to them in line with the Regulatory Standards.

We have undertaken six Task & Finish Groups:

  • Compensation Policy review
  • New Service Model – ‘Your Trivallis Your Voice’
  • Income Collection Policies
  • New Leadership Program
  • Communities Directorate Annual Team Plans
  • The Renting Homes Act Cover Letter

As defined by our tenants, groups have been held in the following areas:

  • Anti-social Behaviour Working Group
  • Complaints Working Group
  • Neighbourhoods/Estates Working Group
  • Repairs Working Group
  • Sheltered Tenant Representative Group
  • Tenant Action Panel

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Gary Williams is a resident and an Informer Rep for the ASB Working Group. He explains his experience of what it’s like being part of the group and making a difference: ASB Success – Trivallis

Our Tenant Action Panel Chair, Emma Nicholas also helped us deliver an important message about the change to Occupation Contracts.

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Throughout the Autumn of 2022, Trivallis held five Community Roadshows throughout neighbourhoods in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

These roadshows were all about reconnecting with tenants and understanding their priorities and preferences. We took this opportunity to listen, find out what was important and used feedback to shape the future of services that Trivallis delivers.

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This page is part of our Annual Report for 2022/2023.